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Lake water catchment

What is a lake water catchment?

A lake water catchment is an interesting option when the installation of a well is complex or impossible. A lake guarantees an unlimited amount of water and little variation in water quality, if the pump is installed at a good depth.

Water can also be collected from a river or stream.

The lake water catchment is equipped with a pump, a pipeline, a pressurized tank and a water treatment system.

The pump is installed at the bottom of the lake underwater. Generally, it is a submersible pump, the same one used for artesian wells. It is of high performance, and it is silent.

The pump is connected to a pressurized tank located inside the house. This is always followed by a water treatment system

Water from a lake cannot be consumed without first being treated. It is immediately considered undrinkable. This is why a lake water catchment necessarily requires the use of a water treatment system.

Treating the water will ensure that it is safe to drink, clear, without any particular taste or smell, and that it is safe for your health.

There are several water treatment options available to you, such as:

Installation of a lake water catchment: $.

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