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Installation of wells and other water catchments

Need water for your new construction? Call on Groupe H2O. 

We first assist you in the choice of a water catchment. And, we design and install it.

We can design and install all the following types of water catchments  : 

  • Artesian wells
  • Gelinite filtering wells, i.e. a kind of surface well
  • Lake, river or stream water catchments

The choice of water catchment will depend on the area where you settle. 

The installation of a well or a water catchment is done in several steps. We can carry out any of them or offer you turnkey works, in collaboration with our experienced partners. We then synchronize all the steps and trades to give you peace of mind.

Here is what we can do for you.

First, we assist you in choosing your water catchment. In fact, we will offer you the most appropriate solution depending on where you are building your home.

For wells — Since we know the different areas of the Laurentians and Lanaudière wells well, we already have good clues as to the quantity of water available and the depth of wells needed to reach quality water.

For other water catchments – In some areas, we will suggest that you collect your water from a lake, river or stream. This is often the option we offer when it is difficult to get water from a well, but there is a lake or stream nearby.

Any well or water catchment installation requires that you first apply to your municipality for a permit. The municipality must authorize the work.

We can make this request for you.

Whether it’s an artesian well or a gelatinous filtering well, you will have to dig to install your well.

To install artesian wells – Before doing the work, we visit the drilling site to determine which drill we will use. We have at our disposal drills on wheels and tracked drills. Both types of drills are large, but the tracked drill is a little smaller and allows us to reach tight or hard-to-reach areas and cut fewer trees.

To install the gelatinite filter wells – We use a mechanical shovel to dig a deep hole.

For all types of water catchments, a trench must be dug to install the pipes that will carry the water to your home.

We can coordinate the excavation of this trench.

If your artesian well is to be installed near a septic system, it must be sealed. This is also what we call cementing the outside of the well. This way, you won’t run the risk of surface water or runoff contaminating your well water.

We can supervise the work to seal your artesian well.

To get water to your home, you will need a pump. We will offer you a submersible pump, which is a pump that can be installed under water.

We then proceed to the installation of the pump at the bottom of the well or stream:

  • For artesian wells: we carry out this installation from 7 to 10 days after the drilling.
  • For gelinite filtering wells: we can install the pump the same day, depending on the planning and the progress of the work.

We then connect the entire pumping system, including the pump, water lines and pressure tank, to deliver the water to your home.

Once all the well and pump installation work is completed, we clean your well with a bleach solution.

A few months after installing your well and pump, we recommend that you have your water tested at an accredited laboratory.

According to the Drinking Water Quality Regulation, it is your responsibility to ensure that your water is safe to drink, but we can also help you fulfill that responsibility!

We can, for example:

  • Remind you to have your water tested at the appropriate time.
  • Provide you with the bottles to take your water and send them to the laboratory.
  • Advise you when you receive the test results.

We can also do everything for you! This means taking a sample of your water, sending it to an accredited laboratory, and even helping you choose and install a water treatment system if the test results indicate a problem.

For more information on testing your water, click here.

To learn more about our wells and water catchments, click here

  • Artesian well
  • Gelinite filtering well, i.e. the equivalent of a surface well
  • Water catchment from a lake, river or stream

Drilling machine on wheels

Tracked drill

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