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Installation and repair of pumps

Do you have water to pump? When it comes to pumping, you need H2O Group.

We have pumps:

  • To bring clear water from your well or water catchment to your tap
  • To evacuate wastewater from your home
  • To drain the water around your foundation

We know about pumping systems. This is our specialty since 1976. It is not for nothing that we were first called the “St-Donat Pump Center.”

We offer both installation and repair services.

For installation, we have in stock all types of pumps required in the residential and commercial sectors.

We are proud custodians of the Goulds brand. In fact, we are the only place in the region where you can find this brand that has been recognized in the field of pumps and pressurized water tanks for over 100 years.

Tell us what water you want to pump, we have a pump to do it.

If you are installing a new well or a water catchment from a lake, river or stream, we will advise you on the best pump and pressurized water tank combination. We will install it and make any necessary adjustments to maximize the efficiency and durability of your pump. We can repair your equipment, if needed.

If you need to install or repair a sewage pump for your septic system, we can do it too!

Whether you need to have your pump installed before or after the septic tank, we can advise you on the right pump to use.

We carry effluent pumps, vortex pumps, and grinder pumps to pump all types of wastewater… from liquid to solid!

Excavation contractors ! Engineers!

Do you have wastewater to pump to a certain height? Call us for advice. We can design, manufacture, deliver and install pumping stations according to the height at which you need to pump wastewater. We also offer after-sales service, if needed.

Good to know

We are partners with the international company Premier Tech Water and Environment. As part of this partnership, if there is a pump problem at a pumping station located in the Laurentians between Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Laurier, Groupe H2O is called in! We offer pump repair service in their Ecoflo septic systems.

If you need to install a pump to drain water from the foundation of your new home, we are here to advise you.

We also offer and install systems with two pumps or with an emergency battery pump. So, whether there is a surplus of water or a power outage, your pump system will ensure that your basement stays dry at all times!

We have the perfect pump for you:

  • Pumps and tanks for wells :
    • Submersible pumps
    • Jet pumps
    • Pressurized water tanks

  • Pumps for sewers
  • Wastewater pumping stations

  • Pumps for foundations
    • Sump pump
    • Two-pump systems
    • Battery powered emergency pumps
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