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Our water leak detectors

 What is a Nowa water leak detector? 

The 360 Nowa Package detects water leaks and acts to prevent damage. 

Detectors are placed in high-risk areas such as near a washer, water heater and dishwasher. A control panel monitors all sensors and finally an electric valve closes the water. 

If there is a leak, it is stopped without delay and without your intervention. A notification, email or text message informs you of the incident and the secure closure of the main water inlet. 

The components of a water leak detector

The Nowa 360 water leak detector consists of the following components:

The detectors are very precise thanks to four contact poles. There is a gap of only 1/64 inch (0.4 millimeter) between the sensor and the floor. The detector sends a signal to the control panel as soon as water touches two of the four contact poles.

The panel can control up to 64 detectors. It maintains a constant presence to connect the detectors to the electric valve. As soon as it receives a signal, it activates the electric valve installed in the main water inlet. The whole thing is done in a few seconds.

The use of low frequencies ensures a constant and interference-free signal. In addition, the communication protocol is encrypted and secure.

The electric valve reacts immediately and at all times, even in case of power failure. Always effective, it ensures that the water inlet is safely closed, even after long periods of inactivity.

Nowa 360 detects water leaks and turns off the water supply. It is the only complete water shut-off system for homes and cottages.

It is capable of acting regardless of the source of the water supply:

  • In a residence connected to the water system, he closes the water inlet valve.
  • In a residence supplied by a well or other water catchment, it can stop the pump. In fact, all you have to do is add an electrical switch to the pump so that it can do this.

The Nowa 360 kit has the following additional features that make this detector a reliable and very versatile product

  • Detection of localized frost on the ground

The Nowa 360 sensor is equipped with a probe that detects the risk of frost. The system can be programmed to send a notification as soon as the room temperature drops to 5°C.

  • Detection of water, not moisture

The contact poles are designed not to react to normal humidity variations. The system does not unnecessarily trigger the valve to close when it is wet.

  • Extended detection

Some areas are more vulnerable or require more extensive monitoring. The water heater is a good example of a vulnerable and extensive area. It is then possible to install a water leak detector in the form of a cable. Thus, the entire circumference of the water heater can be monitored.

  • Motion detectors

By adding a compatible motion sensor, the main water inlet valve or pump closes when you leave and opens when you return. You do not need to activate or deactivate the detector. Everything is done automatically.

Installation : $

Maintenance : $

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