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Specialized plumbing

Are you looking for unusual plumbers?
You will find them at Groupe H2O.

Pipes… they can freeze, they can leak, they can blow. And we have solutions for all that! But tips can also warm you up! And, we take care of that too!

We offer the following specialized plumbing services:

  • Installation of water heaters
  • Pipes Defrosting
  • Installation of heating cables for your pipes
  • Installation of water leak detectors
  • Installation of radiant floor heating system
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In addition to installing water heaters, heating cables, water leak detectors and radiant floor heating systems, we can repair them!

Let’s make it hot!

We heat your water, your pipes and even warm you up by installing, maintaining and repairing various heating systems.

We also do damage prevention by installing water leak detectors!

Yeah, installing water heaters might be a little more ordinary plumbing… but still, look for plumbers who fix water heaters! Believe us, that’s some pretty specialized plumbing!

We sell water heaters of different sizes. So you can choose the one that really fits your hot water needs. We tell you this in case you still have teenagers who take long hot showers at home…

We can thaw all the pipes that can freeze! Both drinking water and wastewater pipes, whether they are made of copper or plastic. No heating required, just a good burst of hot water!

In fact, we set up inside your home at your water supply, and use a pressure machine that shoots hot water into your pipes and keeps it flowing until the pipe is blocked! This process can thaw pipes over a long distance, up to 45 meters (about 150 feet).

As the saying goes, ” Better be safe than sorry “. When doing new construction or immediately after a pipe freeze, we can install self-regulating heating cables inside your pipes. This will prevent your pipes from freezing in the future.

No need to dig, we insert them from inside your home.

A problem with your heating cables? We can diagnose it and replace your cables, if needed.

Anything that contains water… can leak.

To prevent damage, we install water leak detectors. We take care of installing the detectors in the appropriate places. If necessary, we can also repair and replace them.

Our detectors give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing about water leakage problems the moment they occur. You are notified by text message, as soon as the device detects a water flow. In fact, having water leak detectors installed isn’t just good for your insurance company! Our detectors can make the difference between picking up a small or large water damage!

We install, maintain and repair radiant floor heating systems, both inside and outside.

Radiant floor heating is known by many different names. It is also called water floor heating, glycol heating or hydronic heating systems. In short: these are systems that use hot water or glycol circulation under a floor as the primary heating system.

Inside, Radiant floor heating is the most comfortable and efficient heating system for a home. This is an interesting option compared to conventional systems with baseboards, convectors and air outlets. We can custom design your radiant floor heating system based on your construction plan.

Outside, our radiant floor heating systems can also be used to melt snow on sidewalks.

  • Water heaters
  • Water leak detectors
  • Radiant floor heating system
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