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The artesian well

What is an artesian well?

An artesian well is a collection system that draws water from deep underground, more precisely from the groundwater of the captive aquifer.

Groundwater is a source of water that is usually found in the rock. This water source is less likely to be contaminated by various microbes that may be present on the soil surface or in surface or ground water.

In the Lanaudière and Laurentian regions, this type of well is generally drilled to a depth of 30 to 150 metres (100 to 500 feet).

An artesian well consists of a steel casing and a sinking shoe. The steel casing is 6 inches (15 centimeters) in diameter. It is anchored deep enough in the rock with a sinking shoe to avoid surface water infiltration in your artesian well.

A submersible pump is installed at the bottom of the artesian well.

In some situations, the well will have to be sealed with bentonite.

Bentonite is a natural sealant. It is added around the steel casing to a depth of 5 meters (16.5 feet) to prevent surface and ground water from contaminating your water by flowing down the steel casing.

We will seal your well with bentonite if:

  • It must be drilled within 30 metres (100 feet) of a septic system drain field.
  • The rock is within 5 meters (16.5 feet) of the ground surface.

Installation of an artesian well : $$

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