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What is a sewage pump?

There is a wide variety of sewage pumps. The sewage pump, as the name implies, is used to evacuate sewage outside the residence and to convey it through the septic installation system.

Sewage pumps have different functions depending on their location in a septic system.

The effluent pump is used to pump water from the septic tank to the leaching field. The septic tank actually acts as a solids trap. The solids therefore remain in the pit and the liquids are directed to the leaching bed.

Normally, this type of pump is used when it is not necessary to pump solids. In fact, the diameter of material pumped by an effluent pump should be at most 2.56 centimeters (1 inch), ideally less.

When properly installed, the effluent pump can pump a large amount of wastewater to an impressive height.

The vortex pump is used to pump water and solids out of the home and into the septic tank. It works by means of a vortex generated by a turbine. This vortex system ensures that solids never come into contact with the impeller and prevents the pump from jamming.

Thus, the vortex pump can pump wastewater containing solids larger than 5 centimeters (2 inches). It is the ideal pump when a toilet is installed in the basement and the wastewater must be pumped up to a higher sewer line.

The grinder pump is equipped with knives to shred solids. It can pump solids of large sizes to an incomparable height. The height of the pumped wastewater can, for example, reach 30 meters (100 feet).

However, it is expensive and its knives are fragile and wear out quickly. For example, a single grain of sand can damage a set of knives in less than 10 seconds.

It is also not suitable for all septic systems. In fact, it is usually installed when the toilet is located at a much lower level than the septic system. For example, this pump could be useful in a cottage located at the bottom of a cliff while its septic system is located at the top of this cliff. It is therefore a pump reserved for very specific uses and installation contexts.

The use of a sewage pump requires that special precautions be taken regarding what is flushed down the toilet.

Pump problems are often caused by improper use of the toilet, regardless of the pump used.

This is why it is important to avoid using the toilet:

  • Anything that is difficult to break down, such as wet wipes, tampons, condoms.
  • All fats that freeze in the cold and can interfere with the pump’s start/stop signal.

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