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What is a “sump pump”?

According to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, this pump is called a sump pump. It is actually a pump that drains water that may accumulate around the foundation of a house.

The “sump pump” is installed in a basin dug in the basement called a sump. It is equipped with a fleet. As the water level rises in the sump, the movement of the water starts the pump.

The sump must have a tight-fitting lid with a vent. In fact, without a vent, the sump could be a gateway into the home for certain gases from the earth, such as radon. The vent allows the gases to be evacuated to the outside of the residence.

The sump pump is used to capture water from the drainage system around the house. For example, rainwater or snowmelt.

It is therefore very important to check its proper functioning, especially in the spring to avoid any accumulation of water in the basement.

To ensure a dry basement and avoid problems related to the proper functioning of the drainage system, various components can accompany the sump pump.

For example, some municipalities require that the discharge piping of a sump pump system have an emergency outlet.

In some situations, it can also be very useful to have a second pump to take over if the first one is not sufficient on its own or if its operation is interrupted.

The emergency exit is useful if the main exit is blocked or frozen. The water then drains through the emergency exit directly into the field. When water drains into the field, it is a sign that the usual outlet is clogged. It must then be cleared or the water redirected from the emergency outlet to the proper location.

If your sump pump runs frequently or your basement is at risk of flooding, we can install a two-pump system. If the main pump is off, the second pump will take over.

The battery-operated emergency pump is useful during a power failure or when the water level in the sump is too high and the main pump is no longer sufficient.

It is usually installed on the same pipe as the main pump. However, the emergency pump is equipped with its own fleet. If activated, the pump will start and sound an alarm to let you know that the battery pump is on.

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Maintenance : $

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