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Ultraviolet disinfection (UV)

What is UV disinfection?

A UV disinfection system contains a lamp that emits ultraviolet (UV) light. It is immersed in circulating water and its rays prevent bacteria and other unwanted microbes from functioning normally. For example, it prevents them from reproducing.

UV rays disinfect the water without any chemicals. They penetrate the cells of a micro-organism and react with its vital components. Bacteria and other coliforms, viruses, and parasites become harmless. With a sufficient dosage, UV rays can therefore disinfect water very effectively.

Microorganisms are not removed from the water, nor are particles or unwanted products. A filtration system should usually be added to the disinfection system.

The UV treatment systems we offer meet the NSF/ANSI 55 standard.

There are two classes of certified devices that we can install:

Class A systems

  • They disinfect contaminated water to a safe level for drinking.
  • Ils rendent inoffensives les bactéries et autres coliformes, les virus ainsi que les parasites Cryptosporidium et Giardia.
  • They can treat contaminated water that is not cloudy or colored.

Class B systems

  • They do not disinfect contaminated water.
  • They further reduce the possibility of harmful microorganisms getting into the water when it is already disinfected.
  • They can treat water coming from a water supply system and whose analysis is already in conformity with the standards in force.

Purchase and installation:

Class A system :

Class B system : $


Class A system : $

Class B system : $

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