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The water softener

What is a water softener?

A water softener is also called an ion exchange filter. It is a device that removes unwanted ions from the water and replaces them with other ions. Inside the device, there is a resin in which these exchanges take place.

The ion exchanger can soften or purify water depending on the type of resin in the unit. The resins are indeed designed to make specific exchanges.

To soften water, the resin removes calcium and magnesium. In fact, this device is called a water softener.

To purify water, the resin can remove, for example, manganese, iron, nitrates or tannins.

In both cases, the resin is regenerated with salt. It is saturated with sodium or chloride so that it can constantly start to exchange ions again.

It is not advisable to soften the water completely, as it can :

  • Become aggressive and thus wear out the piping and accessories prematurely.
  • Become unpleasant to the taste, for example, taste of salt or metal.
  • Leave a viscous layer on the skin after the shower.

To avoid these problems, an ion exchanger is often followed by a neutralizing filter to restore the water’s chemical balance.

You will need to add salt to the water once every 2 to 3 months. In fact, when the resin is saturated with unwanted ions, it must be regenerated with salt.

Installation : $

Maintenance : $

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