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The gelinite filtering well

What is a gelinite filter well?

The design of a gelinite filter well is similar to that of a surface well. In fact, this is the product we offer if you need a surface well.

The surface well and the gelinite filter well are water collection systems that draw their water from the water table, which is a source of water that lies at a shallow depth below the ground.

These wells are dug with a mechanical shovel to a depth of 4.5 to 8 meters (15 to 25 feet).

In our Laurentian and Lanaudiere regions, gelinite filtering wells have a very good success rate in terms of water volume and flow.

Gelinite is a Quebec product marketed since 1944. It is a cemented coal tile composed of cement and inert carbon, also called activated carbon. This unique blend acts as a filter. It allows an initial filtration of the water in the well by eliminating the fine particles that are present, while allowing the water to pass easily into the well.

The gelatinite filter well can hold a large volume of water. Its wall acts like a sponge and does not clog over time. Thus, it allows to keep a good water yield and a permanent solidity of the well.

The gelinite tile is installed in the bottom of the hole dug by the excavator. The remaining volume of the hole is filled with gravel to create a water basin. The gelinite is connected to the surface with a 6 inch diameter (15 centimeters) waterproof PVC pipe. This pipe extends 12 inches (30 centimeters) above the ground. It is equipped with a watertight cover that protects the well from the weather and small animals.

The pumping system is the same as that of a artesian well. It consists of a submersible pump that is as silent as it is efficient, and a pressurized tank. The pump is inserted into the PVC pipe and positioned at the bottom of the well. A slider is installed to allow access to the pump at all times.

Wells that draw water from the groundwater table are more likely to be contaminated. However, it is easy to keep your water safe to drink by following these tips:

  • Clean your well with bleach at least once a year.
  • Do not spread fertilizer within 30 metres (100 feet) of your well. Fertilizers are made from feces or plant material and can permanently contaminate your well if used too close to your water source.
  • Avoid using the well cover for anything other than its intended purpose, such as attaching the dog’s leash.
  • Make sure that all components of your septic system, i.e. the tank, leach field or dry well, are in good condition.

Installation of a gelinite well: $

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